Aura Inspired Design Parties


The Aura of an individual can be seen as a complex layer of energy bodies that surround your entire physical body, communicating your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual expression. When a gemstone is introduced to one's Auric field, the individual's chakras, or energy centers are stimulated by the frequency emitted by the gem. Each of the seven chakras responds uniquely to each gem. The best alignment of gemstones to the chakra can give a rise to feelings of well-being, good health and enhanced mental clarity; all are subtly visible within the Auric field, seen as colors and patterns with various intensities. The right grouping of gems for an individual can create a powerful effect on that individual.


When you have an Aura Inspired Design Party,
either at Justin Bortz "New World Jeweler" or in the comfort of your own home you get:

~ Wine, Hors d' oeuvres, music, and "out of the box" fun!
~ Expert design consultation from Intuitive Designer, Justin Bortz, with the assistance of an Energy Reader, utilizing a gorgeous array of unmounted Gemstones.
~ As the host, you receive special incentives and leave the event with an original individualized sketch by Justin Bortz, which can be created at any point in the future!
~ 25% off the night of the event or 15% off within 30 days of the event. 


Learn about the Chakras

1st Chakra - Grounding, Energy and Security. Gems right for the first chakra are Red Garnet, Smoky Quartz, and Bloodstone.

2nd Chakra - Creativity, Sexuality, and Intuition. Gems right for the second chakra are Carnelian, Orange Sapphire, Orange Garnet.

3rd Chakra - Intellect and Personal Power. Gems right for the third chakra are Golden Beryl, Citrine, and Yellow Chalcedony.

4th Chakra - Love, Compassion and Emotional Balance. Gems right for the forth chakra are Red Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Pink Spinel and Emerald.

5th Chakra - Communications and Expression. Gems right for the fifth chakra are Aquamarine, Chrysacolla, Turquoise.

6th Chakra - Spiritual Awareness and Psychic Powers. Gems right for the sixth chakra are Lapis, Iolite, Purple Chalcedony.

7th Chakra - Enlightenment and Energy. Gems right for the seventh chakra are Lavender Jade, Tanzanite, and Amethyst.


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