I’ve heard that the time period in which I was born, 1960’s, saw the birth of the minimalist trend in art. That is certainly true with how my designs have evolved; simple and classic contemporary. I don’t care for designs that are “way out there”. In high school I learned that I was in the top percentile of my class in abstract reasoning; I can consider designs and colors in my mind prior to illustration. This first became apparent with my ability to “see a design through” in metal sculpture, from which I received some noteriety. When a person is considering my designs I want them to see nothing “wanting”. A sense of completion is my central goal. How I get there is primarily through attraction. In designing a piece for stock I am first attracted to the gemstone, then I simply allow the design to come forth while being attracted to the gem. In most cases, my best designs come easy and I don’t even know where the idea came from. When I’m working with a client, I am reading all the subtleties of their style, shape and color, then I simply “get out of the way” and let the design come forward. I enjoy this process most of all. Another attraction for me is symbols. My Midnight Swan symbol is the culmination of 16 or so years and it involves many aspects of my life’s journey.

I hope to design more potent symbols in the near future.



Justin's greatest strengths as a designer are diversity and the ability to create a sense of completion in each design. From Classic contemporary to Sacred Geometric, Justin moves the intention in each design with the natural flows of attraction and inspiration. His background includes Gemology and Goldsmithing, the foundational skills from which great Beauty and Integrity are achieved.


Justin's Background
Goldsmithing Apprentice
Diamond Graduate, G.I.A.
Colored Stones and Gem Identification, G.I.A.
Pearl Graduate, G.I.A.
Graduate Gemologist, G.I.A.
ags Registered Jeweler, A.G.S.

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